With the collection of the trophies, all supporting documentation is collected as well.  Should the documentation not be received with the collection of the trophies, it will delay the application for export documentation.  This in turn will delay the entire process as the permitting process plays a big role in planning in keeping to our deadlines / time schedules.

Once we are in receipt of all necessary supporting documentation from the outfitter and the client has approved of all species and trophy parts, we will submit an application for export permit/s to the client's home country.

The following documentation forms part of the supporting documentation in the application process:

  • A copy of the PH Register (SA Professional Hunter Register and Trophy Export Application), signed by the client, the professional hunter and the hunting outfitter,
  • A Hunting Permit (depending on the species/province where hunt took place), signed by the client,

  • CITES Import Permit into foreign Country for CITES Appendix I species (if applicable).  Please check under "General Info" / "CITES" for the list of CITES Species,
  • Nature Conservation Exemption Permit,
  • Transfer of Hunting Rights from Land Owner to Hunting Outfitter (if not hunting on own property),
  • Permission to hunt from Outfitter to Client,

  • A TOPS Hunting Permit, if applicable, signed by the client.  Please check under "General Info" / "TOPS" for the list of TOPS Species.

Should we NOT receive all the relevant documentation together with the trophies on collection day, we will NOT be able to commit ourselves in having the trophies ready for export in 99 days, although we will try our best.  Our issuing authorities have a standard processing period of 30 working days, which is six weeks.  Most of the time we get the permits long before the said period, but sometimes they do take their 30 (working) days!

Should any hunting permit / document not be signed by the respective client, we will again NOT commit ourselves to our 99 day guarantee.  This will result in us having to scan a copy of the said document to the client which he/she will then have to sign after which it has to be re-scanned and returned.  Most of the time this process is quite time consuming...

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