Once all trophies are nearing the end of the process and all export documentation has been received, an invoice / bill is send to the client.  This invoice is then checked according to prices, numbers, species, etc.  Together with the invoice will be two attachments, each for a different method of payment:

  • On the first option, the client can complete a "Credit Card Authorization Form" which then gets faxed back to us. This method is 100% safe because nobody can intercept a fax.  On receipt of the fax we process the transaction electronically and immediately inform the client of the processed transaction.  Please do not call our office with your Credit Card Details, we have to have proof in writing, authorized by a signature!

  • Alternatively, the client can do an Electronic Fund Transfer / SWIFT Payment / Wire Transfer directly from your bank to our to our bank. This process takes about two - three working days to be be processed, depending on the country of sending bank.  Should you wish to make use of this method, please use your name or client number as reference.  We will notify you immediately upon receipt of transfer.  Should you not put your name or client number as reference, we will not be able to allocate your funds to your name!

    PLEASE NOTE: Packing and Crating will only commence once payment is received!

 CELL PHONE (Johan): +27-82-820-1234  | TELEPHONE (Office Hours): +27-87-751-2490

INTERNATIONAL FAX: +27-12-349-8388