Trophy Solutions Africa (TSA) is in operation since early 2003 and is owned by Johan and Estie van der Merwe.


We run our business from Polokwane, previously known as Pietersburg, capitol of Limpopo Province. We dedicate all our time, attention and energy to our business.  As the hunting season does not have weeks or weekends, we are available seven days a week, during the hunting season!


With the naked eye any two processed trophy parts might look alike, but it is your taxidermist that must bring your trophy back to "life" again. References and "thank-yous" received from numerous taxidermists and clients are the final proof that our product is by far superior.


Our processes have been physically inspected and approved by several Master Taxidermists from the United States of America and United Kingdom.

Estie has got thirteen years experience in the "Dipping and Packing" of trophies and Johan was a Professional Hunter / Big Game Guide for several years.  We noticed the urgent need for a specialized and dedicated company who can see to it that clients receive their trophies in real good time.


It is NOT necessary to wait 8 - 10 months on your trophies!

We therefore guarantee a client that his / her trophies (normal plains game - no thick-skinned animals) will be ready for hand-over to the shipping company within 99 days, pending that all documentation was received from the Hunting Outfitter on the day of collection of the trophies and that we have received confirmation from the client to proceed with processing.  The countdown will only start once confirmation was received from the client.

If the Hunting Outfitter fails to provide us with ALL necessary documentation on the day of collection, we will not be bound by the mentioned guarantee.  The reason behind this decision is that Outfitters would tell their clients that "everything" is with us, failing to inform the client of outstanding documentation.  The client is then under the impression that all is in order...  So, if you get a confirmation email from us with indications of outstanding documentation, please be aware that there are still some documentation outstanding...

Please take note: We sometimes battle to get export permits back from our provincial issuing authorities in time to make our deadline. This is completely beyond our control.  The biggest problem occurs when all relevant documentation is not received with collection of the trophies or that the incorrect information was captured on the hunting permits... names or addresses that differ from the hunting register...


New legislation has just (March 2014) been put in place to simplify the application process whereby all applications will be handled and overseen by our local issuing authority.  


We do not have any hidden costs like collection of trophies, packing and crating, administration fees, transportation, storage fees, permitting fees, etc....


Our facility is approved by the South African Veterinary Services (Department of Agriculture) as a Trophy Import and Export Processing Facility. Our facility is inspected on a yearly basis to ensure we comply to local and international regulations.


Our company is registered with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism as set out in new legislation, Act No. 10 of 2004: National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004.  All "Trophy Handling Facilities" have to be registered with the Department with effect from March 1, 2008.


We are in the process of erecting / building our new premises, which will hopefully be up and running by April 2014, just in time for the new Hunting Season!


Please make sure the facility of the company you plan on using is registered....if not, your trophy will die again, soon.....


We provide the Ultimate Solution to the Dipping and Packing of your Hunting Trophies.



 CELL PHONE (Johan): +27-82-820-1234  | TELEPHONE (Office Hours): +27-87-751-2490

INTERNATIONAL FAX: +27-12-349-8388